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In the spring of 2016, I started a personal campaign to promote technical diving among recreational divers, campaign called "Tek a Rec®".

Technical diving (theory, equipment, configurations, procedures) is not just diving deep diving or penetration in wrecks or caves. It means above all SAFETY! And a solid theoretical and practical basis so that all dives be conducted in conditions of maximum safety and comfort.

By nature of their profession (navigator), everything that has absolute priority SAFETY!

Tek a Rec®

Tek to Rec - will take place throughout the day (8-10h) in two stages:

- In the first half of the day will be presented in detail the theories underlying the diving technical management of gas and benefits SafeAir (Nitrox) / Tri-Mix in diving, variants planning of a dive (software / paper) and various configurations of equipment Tec (with advantages but also disadvantages depending on the profile of the dive so the diver can understand the logic behind the theory), we discuss about DIR (Do It Right) phylosophy and about the necessary equipment, we will do some simulations exercises and learn important tricks  for getting the ideal buoyancy and position during the dive etc.

The discussion is free, totally interactive, in simle words, technically/academically words when necessary. I am not fan of mental manipulation with fancy "holistic approach" sentences!

We are DIR but open minded!

- In the second half of the day: a diving session (on the open seas, the maximum depth of -10m or in a -5m pool if weather conditions are not favorable) - where we apply the theoretical information previously received about: positioning and adjustment of the equipment, buoyancy and triming, different swimming technics (when, how and why), the advantages of additional equipment by simulating unwanted situations (out of air, free-flow, valves  drillsetc).

The goal is NOT the depth or time but deepening and application of the Tec divers philosophy !

At the end of the session - we make an analysis of the experienced that day, both in terms of theory and especially practical.

The group of divers will be limited to a maximum of 2 people/group for maximum efficiency theoretical and practical!

The price is 400RON and includes tec equipment, gas, diving and training.

The necessary equipment will be provided, the own equipment will only be accepted if it meets Tec requierements.

Participation in this session is not mandatory if you want to follow a full course of technical diving (with appropriate theory, training and certification) but it is a good opportunity to learn more about Technical diving and especially and see if the diver is ready to step towards Tec!

Minimum level of certification: Open Water Diver with at least 25 dives in the logbook; Recommended: Advanced Open Water.

"Tek to Rec®" is not a course and no certification itself. It's just a goal that I will show you how to open a door to another world of diving. Is an "intro to tech".

It is both an opportunity for you as a diver (or potential student), knowing better your  instructor to interact with him both on land and in the water and see if it meets both your aspirations for progress and profile your having as being your mentor / trainer

In this way, you will be able to advance further as a "recreational" if you like, with relatively small additional investment in equipment (quality!), But with an attitude, mindset training and technical diver.

First aid qualification is highly recommended. You never know when you'll need either in/underwater or on land!

"Diving is Fun" - but above all, must be absolutely safe. Both you and your diving partners and friends!

And your loved ones at home!


"Tek to Rec®" is a campaign "T101 - Technical & Diving Ops®" which is backed by years of diving "recreational" and "technical".

I am certified as ANDI Instructor Trainer, ANDI Tri-Mix Instructor L5 & ANDI Techical Trimix Wreck Instructor L3 (ANDI Exploration Trimix Wreck Diver L5) and hold the national record dive depth in Open Circuit with a deep dive at  

-145m (TBI Trimix Master Class - Dahab, Egypt - Iunie 22, 2013)