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ANDI International (ANDI) is one of the world's fastest growing diver training agencies. ANDI began by specializing in training programs for Enriched Air Nitrox ( SafeAir ) diving. As a natural evolution from SafeAir®, ANDI developed training programs for what has now become known as Technical diving and Closed Circuit Rebreather systems. To meet the demands of our international network of training facilities, in 1999 ANDI introduced a unique methodology for training entry-level divers with the ANDI Open Water Sport Diver program.

Since our origin in 1988, ANDI has expanded throughout the world with Regional Headquarters located in the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Philippines, Latin America, Middle East and the home office in the United States of America. To meet the needs of these regional markets ANDI developed educational material in many languages in addition to English.

ANDI has developed a multifaceted training system with comprehensive programs. These include Openwater Sport Diver, Dive Medic, SafeAir® User courses, Technical and Exploration programs, Rebreather training for SCR and CCR systems, specialty-focused training and a full offering of technician and instructor programs. ANDI’s growth throughout the world is due to ANDI's commitment to quality education, quality training materials, the highest operational standards and a dedication to customer service.

SafeAir Diver L1 (SAD L1 - EANx max 40% O2)

The course is level 1 and introduce divers using enriched air Nitrox (EAN). The course lasts for (at least) two days including both theory and practical sessions as well. As part of the course will examine key questions, such as what is EAN? What are the advantages nitrox divers? What special considerations apply when using EAN?

As part of the LSU course, you will also see how the air is enriched with oxygen and Nitrox is made, you will learn how to test the content of the O2 tank using a gaz analzer, how to program your computererul diving for use EANx and how to calculate your maximum operating depth (MOD) and equivalent Air depth (EAD).

Maxim -30m depth, no stop, 2 dives.

Complete Safe Air User L2 (CSU L2): EAN22 - EAN50

The course is level 2 and extends information about using enriched air Nitrox (EAN) and oxygen beyond the level 1 course LSU. The course lasts (at least) two days, both theory and practical sessions. As part of the course you will learn how to apply mathematical formulas key to use EAN and oxygen in diving and will examine the use and applicability of the various gas mixtures in diving planning. As part of the CSU course will examine  also rules for the use of Safe Air, including gas distribution, labeling and gas oxygen analysis.

Maximum diving depth is -40m, depending on the level of certification, no deco stop, 2 dives.

SafeAir Decompression Diver L3 (SDD L3)

The course is for sport divers who want to make a dive at the limits of the two borders - Rec & Tec: with a maximum time of 15min deco, a little over NSR (NDL), taking into account the  ANDI ascent procedure. The SDD course lasts (minimum) four days and includes both theory and diving sessions. Configuration is recreational, it uses a single cylinder and 2 gases (bottom cylinder gas and RBS). You can use a twins (two cylinders with manifold system).

Maximum diving depth of -40m, with 15 min deco; 4 dives.

Technical SafeAir Diver L3 (TSD L3)

Entry-level course in technical diving, which will extend beyond your normal sinking of a recreational diving. The TSD course lasts (minimum) four days and includes both theory and diving sessions by. In the theory section, we will examine some fundamental aspects of technical diving including decompression theory, the various equipment configurations, gas switching and the use of different gases in diving planning..

In the four open water sessions, which are part of this course will dive using different equipment configurations and gas mixtures. The dives will be made using twin sets and stages with a maximum of 3 cylinders and three different gas mixtures. Maximum diving depth of -40m, with maximum 30min deco; 4 dives. CSU at least 50 dives in the log book.

Technical Tri-Mix L3 (TTM L3)

The entry-level tri-mix diving. It is essential for those divers whose aim is to become technical or rebreather divers.

The course lasts (minimum) 5 days, both theory and diving sessions. In the theory section, we will examine some fundamental aspects of tri-mix diving including decompression theory, equipment configurations, switching gas and use of inert gases other than nitrogen in diving planning.

During the 4 open water sessions of this course you dive using different equipment configurations and gas mixtures. The dives will be made using twin sets and stages with a maximum of three cylinders and two different gas mixtures, in addition to the bottom mixture (3 gas in total).

Maximum diving depth in the TTM course is -50m, with a maximum time of 45 minutes decompression. The minimum content of O2 in the mixed bottom is 20% and He must not be less than 16%. Requirements: TSD certified diver.

Normoxic Trimix Diver L4 (NTD L4)

The course is EXPLORATION 4 dives, gas: SafeAir, He, O2. Maximum depth: -65m. Unlimited decompression and configuration. Duration: 5-6 days (theory + dives).

ANDI Tri-Mix Diver (TMD) L5

Highest qualification is a technical diver exploration OC (no overhead penetrations): unlimited depth, configuration and times: four dives, gas: SafeAir, O2, Helium. Maximum depth during the course: -100m. Duration: 5-6 days (theory + dives).

ANDI Wreck diver - Technical Trimix Wreck Diver

ANDI SafeAir Wreck Diver L1: -40m, penetrare: light zone

ANDI Technical Wreck Diver L2: -40m, penetrare: no limit, no jumps

ANDI Technical Trimix Wreck Diver L3: -50m, penetrare: no limit, 1 jump.

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