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T101-Technical & Diving Ops®


training & courses

Technical division of T101®

T101® ANDI SDI TDI Training Facility DAN Europe Business PArtner

Mixed Gases:

Basic Nitrox to Advanced Trimix


Technical diving training with mixed gases: Nitrox/SafeAir®, Trimix, Oxygen.

ANDI L1 to L5

(-100m max training depth)

TDI Basic & Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures & Intro to Tech

Dsat Tec 40 - 45 - 50

Rebreather: JJ-CCR (ANDI)

Discover rebreather

Refresh JJ-CCR

ANDI L1 (-18m) & L2 (-40m)

NSR, Diluent: air

No overhead environment.

Wreck Diving


ANDI MOD 1 - SafeAir Wreck Diver

ANDI MOD 2 - Technical Wreck Diver

ANDI MOD 3 - Technical Trimix Wreck Diver

Gas Blending (ANDI)

Following the highest standards and procedures in the commercial industry. Oxygen handling & associated hazards, breathing gas quality requierements, operations and equipment, math & relations of mixing gases etc

Truck Lagoon T101®

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